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The purpose of the contest of scientific works of young scientists (hereinafter – the Contest) is to identify creative youth, to attract young scientists to conduct research on topical issues of hygiene, toxicology and preventive medicine, as well as to further develop the integration of science and practice.

1 General provisions.

1.1. The Contest is held within the terms of the I National Congress on human ecology, hygiene and environmental medicine with international participation  «SYSIN READINGS-2020» (hereinafter – the Congress).

1.2. Original researches by young scientists in the field of hygiene, toxicology and preventive medicine are nominated for the Competition. Works containing only a literature review will not be accepted for the Competition. The originality of the work is at least 80 %. Expert commissions have the right to check the work for originality using the «Antiplagiat» service.

1.3. Young scientists who are under the age of 35  (at the time of work submission) are invited to participate in the Competition: specialists, researchers, postgraduates as well as employees of scientific institutions, higher educational institutions and organizations of various departments and forms of ownership.

1.4. Participation in the Competition is voluntary and means that the participants have read and agreed to the given Regulation.

1.5. By participating in the Congress, the participant agrees to handling and usage of the personal data, including photo, video and publication of materials in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2 Works submition procedure

  • The Competition is held in two stages:
  • preliminary extra-mural examination of materials submitted to the competition by the competition commission;
  • presentation of materials at the Congress.

2.2. The theses  prepared by the participants that correspond to requirements of execution of the articles submitted for publication in the Volume of Congress proceedings are represented at the competition along with the full text of the report and presentation.

Requirements for the text of the report and presentation (download).

2.3. The works submitted for the Competition may be individual or collective. Authorship of several young scientists (no more than 3 people) in one paper submitted for the Competition is allowed.

2.4. Participants of the Competition are required to submit to the organizing Committee:


The abovementioned documents are to be sent to email address sysin2020@cspmz.ru no later than June 30, 2020. «Full name_Competition» should be stated in the subject line.

Familiarization with extra-mural stage results accounts for July 21st, 2020 by means of informing to the email address specified in the registration card. The authors of the best works of the extra-mural stage will be invited to the Congress for oral presentation of the work.

2.5. All materials submitted to the Competition that meet the execution requirements will be published in the Congress proceedings volume.

2.6. The Competition Commission does not comment on the decisions made regarding materials’ consideration.

3 Procedure for consideration of competitive works.

3.1. Evaluation criteria at extra-mural stage:

  • relevance of the work;
  • accuracy of goal and task defenition;
  • completeness of implementation of the tasks set in the work;
  • practicability of the selected research methods and equipment;
  • degree of topic disclosure;
  • theoretical and practical significance of the work.

3.2. Evaluation criteria of the participant’s performance at extra-mural stage:

  • validity of the chosen work topic;
  • consistency and completeness of the submitted materials;
  • fluency in the material;
  • ability to argue your opinions and conclusions;
  • visual and aesthetic presentation of the work;
  • ability to answer questions;
  • the level of complexity and independence of work implementation;
  • culture of public speaking.

3.3 According to the results of the second stage of the Competition, the winners are determined. The best works are awarded with diplomas of I, II, III degrees and valuable prizes.

3.4 In compliance with the decision of the Organizing Committee and the jury members, additional nominations may be announced during the entire period of the Contest, and the Contest participants will be informed thereof.

3.5 All participants of the Competition are awarded with participation certificates.

3.6 Payment for travel, food and accommodation of participants of the Competition is conducted at the expense of the sending party.

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