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The I National Congress on human ecology, hygiene and environmental medicine «SYSIN READINGS — 2020»

The I National Congress on human ecology, hygiene and environmental medicine "SYSIN READINGS — 2020"



Alexey  Nikolaevich  Sysin  (1879-1956) was an academic of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, hygiene professor, honoured scientist, one of the hygiene and epidemiological service organisers, participant of the revolutionary democratic movement.




The I National Congress on human ecology, hygiene and environmental medicine «SYSIN READINGS — 2020» with international participation will be held on November 19-20, 2020 (the venue is Moscow, Izmaylovskoye shosse, building 71, site A, Hotel Alfa). The event is a part of the 2020 plan on the scientific practical events of The Russian Ministry of Health in accordance with p. 128 of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation order as of 2020 February, 20th №109.

The organiser is: Federal State Budgetary Institution «Centre for Strategic Planning and Management of Biomedical Health Risks» of the Federal Medical Biological Agency.


The official technical organiser is: LLC «Expo press», Moscow, Academic Korolyov street, bld. 13

Conference will be held in the Russian and the English languages.



  1. Investigation of the basic regulations of environmental factors impact on human health with risk estimation consideration.
  2. Researches on inhabited environmental factors’ impact estimation, development of hygienic regulations, methodic ways and sanitary measures enabling convenient conditions of a human life.
  3. The study of labour processes and industrial environment influence on the organism of the working people and development of hygiene regulations and sanitary arrangements aimed at congenial and healthy labour conditions securement.
  4. Investigation of environment, education and raising conditions factors influence on children and teenagers’ organisms, arrangements development aimed at securement and enforcement of their health, proper development and children and teenagers’ organisms functional possibilities’ advancement.
  5. Investigation of nutrition products quality influence on human organism, development of hygienic regulations, sanitary requirements and recommendations on their storage and application as well as nutrition structure and regimen rationalization aimed at population health improvement.
  6. Development of hygienic regulations and requirements aimed at optimized conditions securement for inmates’ treatment in medical organizations of institutional type and optimized labour conditions for medical personnel.
  7. Modelling, analysis, development and validation of forecasting methods of the factors influencing the radiation, chemical and biological security condition.
  8. Epidemiological researches for defining the consequences for population health caused by adverse natural climatic conditions and ecology-determined morbidity minimization proposition development and healthy lifestyle formation under conditions of adverse environment and activity factors impact on the organism.
  9. Technologies aimed at organism’s functional reserves increase and disease prevention of those working at unsanitary and dangerous conditions and influenced by extreme environmental factors, including the Arctic Region, as well as technologies and programmes of their rehabilitation both with and without professional acitivity interruption.
  1. Diseases diagnostics and treatment methods development achievements caused or mediated by environment factors influence as well as population health promotion.
  2. Sanitary hygienic and epidemiological aspects of countermeasure of acute respiratory infections spread-out on Covid-19 pandemic control experience.


The congress programme will be given in for accreditation in Continuing Medical Education commission.

Summarizing the results of the congress, a volume of scientific works will be issued obtaining ISBN, UDC and taking place in RSCI batabase and scientific electronic library e-Library.


Scientific programme of the congress includes:

  • Plenary meetings;
  • Section meetings/round tables;
  • Famous scientists’ lectures;
  • Young scientists’ competition of works.


Within the terms of the Congress, an exhibition will be organized representing: modern diagnostics methods of treating diseases caused by environmental adverse factors; new technologies, methods, equipment and reagents for soil, air and water cleaning, filtration and disinfecting systems; modern human functional condition evaluation test-systems; new developments in nutrition products preparation, recycling and storage; brand-new technologies and methods of solving the ecological hygienic problems of dealing with industrial wastes; issue-related literature.


For participation in the program with a scientific report, theses submission and young scientists’ competition of works, please contact the Congress Secretariat:

Andreeva Alyona Igorevna — tel. +7(495)540-61-71 ext. 1307

Ushakova Olga Vladimirovna — tel. +7(495)540-61-71 ext. 1046

To resolve the issues of participation in the program with a scientific report, theses submission in English, please contact the Congress Secretariat:

Shchurina Natalya Alexandrovna — tel. +7(495)249-01-94 ext. 874



For participation in the exhibition and scientific commercial reports, please contact the organizing committee:

Parphyonova Marina Albertovna — tel. +7(495)617-36-79



Taking high social and scientific practical significance of the event into consideration, we are pleased to invite you to take part in the scientific programme as well as in the exhibition display of The I National Congress on human ecology, hygiene and environmental medicine «SYSIN READINGS — 2020».



The Congress convenor,                                                                                                    S.M.Yudin



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